Fashion Show Services

NewYork Modeling Agency is a full production company which specializes in custom shows for budding designers we all know how much time you the designer spends in Photoshop gimp or your other program designing your outfits but some times its time to give back and say hey you created a fabulous product lets make it shine.

NewYork Modeling Agency shows are done on a quote basis no hidden costs we only charge for what you want models fees are always included, so a show can be as expensive or a inexpensive as you like its your choice ask inworld for more information

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your designs on the catwalk the hours in Photoshop all seem worth it now as you see your designs come to life a picture can tell a thousand words but nothing is more better than seeing your designs on real live avatars there is just something about it that makes all the long hours seem worth while.

We will organize the whole show from start to finish from organizing the models to the rehearsal walks to planning the dj and the show script, we realise that designers are time restricted and we aim to go above and beyond to make the show go ahead without having to have any designer influence at all to remove as less stress from the designer as possible, but please note that if the designer has the time and wants to be involved then we will 100% work with the designer and create there dream show and we are always open to suggestions and comments from the designers.

If your a designer and interested in a show please contact Martin Glom or Martina Seetan inworld for a consultation session so we can make your dream show come true

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